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Safe, Easy, Effective!

Rocket your level with ease!

PoGo Best Bot is one of the most advanced and up to date Pokemon GO bot on the market.  It offers a simple way to progress far in Pokemon GO without having to leave the comfort of your home. It plays Pokemon GO completely automated!

Simply download the Pokemon GO Bot, open it as you would any other program, enter your license key and authenticate using your Pokemon GO login information (which is stored securely on your computer). That’s all!

Also PoGo Best Bot offers tons of configuration options for advanced users.

Catch Rare Pokemons!

Thanks to PoGo Best Bot’s Snipe feature you can catch rare pokemons while you are leveling up. You just need to choose which Pokemons do you want and let PoGo Best Bot do its job! Check video to see it in action.


More than everything you expect from a Pokemon GO Bot

Pokemon GO Bot - Google & PTC Login

Google & PTC Login

Login with any provider

Pokemon GO Bot - Farm Pokestops & Catch Pokemons

Farm Pokestops & Catch Pokemons

Throw berries and use best pokeballs depending on pokemon

Pokemon GO Bot - Auto Evolve & Transfer Pokemons

Auto Evolve & Transfer Pokemons

Evolve common pokemons for XP and transfer duplicates

Pokemon GO Bot - Graphical User Interfaces

Graphical User Interfaces

Clean & user friendly graphical user interfaces

Pokemon GO Bot - Collect & Throw Items

Collect & Throw Items

Collect and throw away unneeded item

Pokemon GO Bot - Predefined & Custom Routes

Predefined & Custom Paths

Find best spots for XP and Pokemons without entering coordinates

Pokemon Go Bot Features like Safe Mode, Humanlike Walking, Kill Switch, Proxy Support, Softban Bypass, Power-up Pokemons, Snipe Pokemons, Use Lucky Eggs, Egg Hatching

and much more…

Special User Interfaces

PoGo Best Bot contains special user interfaces with lots of capabilities to maximize fun of your botting experience.


Pokemons Screen

See your all pokemons in Id, Name, CP or IV order. Transfer pokemons you do not want to keep. See detailed pokemon information even hidden values in game!


Map View

See where your bot is in real time on a beautiful map!


Inventory Screen

In fact, bot does all item recycling work for you. However, if you want to see all of your items and recycle unnecessary items by yourself this screen is for you.

Invisible Mode & Notifications

Run PoGo Best Bot while doing your day-time job!
Make it invisible by minimizing it to system tray. It will continue to work and inform you about your progress via notifications.

Pokemon GO Bot - Invisible Mode
Pokemon GO Bot - Level Progress
Pokemon GO Bot - Level Up

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